Shazzrah is the fifth boss of Molten Core.



He can be deadly for unorganised raid group.

It is advised to prepare with some arcane absorb potions and decurse potions.


  • Arcane Explosion: Hits all enemies within 30 yards for considerable arcane damage. Healers and ranged DPS can avoid this spell by outranging it.
  • Shazzrah's Curse: Amplifies magic damage taken by 100%. Cast on all players within 35 yards. Together with the arcane explosion it is deadly, so it must be removed quickly.
  • Magic Grounding: Self-buff that reduces magical damage taken by Shazzrah. Can and should be dispelled by Dispel Magic or Purge.
  • Counterspell: Interrupts all spell casts within 45 yards and silences casters for 10 seconds. Can severely hamper healing.
  • Blink: Blinks to a random target and wipes all aggro. Is often followed by an arcane explosion.


  • Shazzrah's considerable magic damage potential can be handled with proper positioning. People should spread out evenly in a circle around Shazzrah just out of range of his area of effect.
  • Shazzrah is best fought in Garr's room, as this offers sufficient room to spread out and does not bring the risk of pulling unwanted adds.
  • For obvious reasons Shazzrah can only be brought down from range. Melee damage dealers will need to sit back and either assist with their ranged weapons or bandage people who have taken damage.
  • Mages and Druids need to be quick to remove Shazzrah's curse as it will otherwise quickly lead to numerous deaths.
  • When Shazzrah blinks his new target should immediately run towards the tank so that the tank can quickly reestablish aggro. The rest of the raid should not break formation.

Healers should keep healing over time spells active on the tank to help ensure the tank survives if his healers get silenced.

He drops standard flamewalkers shared loot and Tier 1 pieces.