Golemagg the Incinerator, a large molten giant, is the seventh boss of the Molten Core. He is joined by two Core Ragers.



Golemagg the Incinerator

  • Golemagg's Trust: Buffs the two core ragers to do considerably more damage if they are close from their master.
  • Magma Splash: A stacking debuff that procs when attacking Golemagg. Does fire damage over time and reduces armor.
  • Pyroblast: Randomly targeted fire attack that hits for around 1500 damage and continues to do damage over time.
  • Earthquake: Triggered at 10% health. Does damage to all targets nearby and increases Golemagg's attack speed.
  • Attract Rager: Also triggered at 10% health. Adds a large amount of threat on the core ragers to anyone not in their melee range.

  Core Rager
  • Mangle: Reduces movement speed by 50% and deals physical damage over time.
  • Refuse Death: If the rager's health drops below 50% while Golemagg is alive, it will return to full health.


  • This is a relatively long fight and as such can put a strain on the healers. Mana potions may be needed.
  • The core ragers must be offtanked and pulled away from Golemagg due to the buff he gives them.
  • Golemagg must be killed first as the core ragers will simply heal while he is alive.
  • The main tank must wear a decent amount of fire resistance gear to mitigate the damage from magma splash. It may be necessary to have a secondary tank if the debuff stacks too high.
  • Melee DPS should periodically back out, let the magma splash debuff wear off, and bandage.
  • When Golemagg reaches 10% all melee except for the main tank should back out due to earthquake.
  • The main tank may need to activate Shield Wall to help counter the influx of damage during the last 10%.

Simple. 3-4 tanks for a fight. 1 healer per offtank. Pure nuking the golemagg. Offtanks tank the core ragers far away from golemagg itself. Melees run before 10% "boom". Melees run out to bandage on 3-5 stacks of debuff. Drops T1 Chests and other very good loot.

So far the Golemagg's Trust and Mangle abilities are not scripted, thus making fight a bit easier.