Gehennas is a Shadow-based Flamewaker with two Flamewaker Elite guards in Molten Core

Attacks and abilities: Edit



Gehennas: Edit

  • Shadow Bolt
    Deals 2000-2500 Shadow damage to a non-tank target.
  • Rain of Fire
    AoE that deals 925 to 1075 Fire damage every 2 sec. for 6 sec.
    Radius: 10 yards
  • Gehennas' Curse
    Reduces the effect of healing abilities on nearby enemies by 75%.
    Type: Curse
    Radius: 45 yards

Flamewalkers Edit

  • Fist of Ragnaros
    Stuns nearby players for 4 seconds.
    Radius: 8 yards.
  • Sunder Armour:
    Reduces the target's armour by 1000 per stack. Stacks up to 20 times.
  • Strike
    Deals normal melee damage plus 35.

Strategy Edit

Clear the entire area around Gehennas and then pull the guards to the south west and tank Gehennas in the center of the room. Make sure Gehennas is far enough away that the only people in range of his curse, shadow bolt, and rain of fire are the main tank and his healers/decursers. The two guards need to be tank far away from Gehennas and need to be kept a decent distance apart, otherwise the tanks and melee DPS will end up stun locked the entire battle from the two cleaves. The MT on Gehennas will need a dedicated decurser usually a mage, but a druid will work as well. The tank must have the curse removed as soon as possible. Gehennas deals a fair amount of damage and you will not be able to keep the tank up if he is only receiving 25% of the healing. Once the two guards are dead the entire raid should focus on killing Gehennas. The guards go down pretty quickly, Gehennas takes a while.

Mages and druids in this fight should be sure to adjust their decursing priority list to place the MT at the top, followed by other melee players, as the curse greatly reduces the amount of healing a player can receive.

Notes Edit

The Feenix realm first kill was claimed by the Horde guild Justice.