Garr, a large obsidian elemental, is the fourth boss of Molten Core. He is joined by eight Firesworn.





  • Antimagic Pulse: Dispels one beneficial spell from all targets within 45 yards. Is recast frequently. Essentially negates all standard raid buffs and heal over time spells.
  • Magma Shackles: Slows all targets within 45 yards. Mainly a nuisance but can prevent tanks from properly controlling the firesworn.


  • Immolate: Functions just like the warlock spell of the same name. Frontal damage plus damage over time for 21 seconds.
  • Eruption: Explodes, causing area of effect fire damage around the firesworn and knocks back all targets.
  • Separation Anxiety: Increases the firesworn's damage by 300% if separated too far from Garr. For this reason you should not pull Garr and his adds out of their room.


  • This fight is mainly about controlling the adds. Garr doesn't hit particularly hard and has no special abilities to watch out for. A tank and one or two healers can easily take care of Garr while the raid focuses on the firesworn.
  • Warlocks simplify this encounter as the firesworn can be controlled via Banish.
  • A common strategy is to assign all warlocks banish targets, while Garr and the rest of the adds will be tanked. The raid will kill all non-banished adds and then focus on Garr.
  • Keeping the adds banished can be aided through the use of the Voidwalker. Otherwise a firesworn might resist a banish and kill the assigned warlock before it can be rebanished.

The adds have been fixed and now attack all together. Adds explode before death and knock back nearby raiders

The fight is simple tank and spank.