Flamewaker Priest

One of the so called "Fire Nagas" , these ones acompany Sulfuron Harbringer in Molten Core. They are like others and drop Tier 1 Bracers and Belts.


Dark Mending - Uses dark magic to heal an ally for 27750 to 32250 damage.

Immolate - Inflicts 760 to 840 Fire damage to an enemy and scorches it for an additional 380 to 420 damage every 3 sec. for 21 sec.

Shadow Word: Pain - Utters a word of darkness, inflicting Shadow damage to an enemy every 3 sec. for 18 sec.

Dark Strike - Consecrates the caster's weapon, inflicting 570 to 630 additional damage on its next attack. All damage caused is considered Shadow damage.

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