Baron Geddon is a fiery elemental boss hiding in the Molten Core. He's the sixth boss and drops Tier 1 Shoulderpads. The baron also drops Bindings of the Windseeker required ofr Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker quest chain.


Baron Geddon

Baron Geddon

Inferno - Unable to move or use abilities. Periodically inflicting Fire damage to nearby enemies.

Ignite Mana - Burns 400 mana from nearby enemies every 3 sec. for 5 min. Each point of mana that is destroyed also damages the target from which it is consumed.

Living Bomb - Throws a bomb at an enemy. After 8 sec., the bomb explodes, inflicting 3200 Fire damage to the target and its nearby allies.

Armageddon - Triggered at 2% health, Geddon stands still and stops attacking. After eight seconds, he explodes dealing tremendous fire damage to anyone within 20 yards.